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              Bengbu Nako Chemical Co., Ltd.
                Common products
              Pyrophosphoric acid tetrabenzy...
              Dibenzyl phosphate...
              2-chloromethyl 2-(trimethylsil...
              2-Trimethylsilyl ethanol...
                Custom products
                Add: 584# Jiefanglu, Bengbu, China
              Contact: Manager Liu
              Tel: +86-552-3068842 3068102
              Fax: +86-552-3068843
              E-mail: sales@nakochem.com
              Url: http://www.camiks.com.cn ;    http://www.camiks.com
              Bengbu Nako Chemical Co., Ltd. is a new booming company located in Bengbu city at the bank side of Huai River, enjoying good location and convenient traffic conditions. Now, Bengbu Nako Chemical Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, technical transfer, custom-production and trade of chemical synthetic drugs and organic intermediates. ...... More>>>>
                We own an efficient and flexible management system and take "leading quality, leading technologies, perfect service, brand-name strategy" as quality policy; "being exploring, creative, quality and efficient" is the spirit of Nako.
              Following market demands wholeheartedly, we are striving to offer better and more products to society, and working hard to help customers ...... More>>>>
                Recruitment Information
              Advanced organic members
              Sales Assistant
              Business man
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